(video) Manchester United fans attack Brentford fans amid signing Joel Glazer chant.

(video) Man Utd fans attack Brentford fans amid signing Joel Glazer chant.

On Monday evening, Manchester United defeated Brentford by a score of three to none in their final home game of the season at Old Trafford.

This was perhaps the Red Devils’ best performance of the season – it’s just a bad it won’t mean anything after they were eliminated from all competitions and fell too far behind in the race for a top-four finish after falling out of every competition.

In spite of this, the atmosphere at Old Trafford was much better than it had been earlier in the evening as players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Bruno Fernandes, and Juan Mata ran rampant all evening.

Despite the suggestion of a mass walkout after 73 minutes, many fans decided against it because of the team’s strong performance.

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Juan Mata scored for Manchester United against Brentford.

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However, the atmosphere outside the stadium before the game projected a quite different picture.

Fans, who have been dissatisfied with the Glazer family’s failure to deliver on their promises, marched to the streets outside Old Trafford to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with the club’s ownership.

Fans could be seen yelling while clutching yellow and green scarves in honor to the club’s initial name and colors, ‘Newton Heath,’ while they sang a song about Joel Glazer’s death.

Nevertheless, a big number of Manchester United supporters clashed with Brentford fans as they arrived at the away end.

Fighting broke out between the two fan camps, with punches and other objects being thrown. Riot police were dispatched to separate the two groups.

[Vid] Man United fans attack our fans pre-kick off on Monday 🐝 from Brentford

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