Paul Pogba has signed a contract with Manchester United that is the most lucrative in the world.

Manchester United offer Paul Pogba most lucrative deal

Paul Pogba has signed a contract with Manchester United that is the most lucrative in the world. According to reports, Manchester United has made Paul Pogba the biggest offer that has been made for the French midfielder. Pogba is expected to accept the offer.

According to reputable journalist Gianluca Di Marzio, Manchester United has given Pogba the most expensive deal possible in an attempt to persuade him to stay with the club.

It is reported that if Pogba wants to keep his previous pay, he must remain in Manchester, which speaks volumes about the apparent interest in signing him. When it comes to recent years, he should have used his cards more wisely, rather than constantly toying with the thought of quitting the club.

You can read more about it in the video below. According to @utdreport on Twitter, Di Marzio is not convinced that Real Madrid will prioritise a deal for Paul Pogba this summer. However, in the same interview with betting firm Wett Freunde, he admits that the 29-year-old could end up staying at Old Trafford after all.

According to Di Marzio, “I’m not so convinced about him not agreeing to a contract extension.”

‘It all relies on how he envisions his future and his life,’ she says. Because the contract with Manchester United is the most lucrative of the ones that have been offered to him thus far. If he wants to keep his income at the same level as before, he must remain in Manchester. He is currently earning a great amount of money, and only Manchester United can continue to provide him with a salary in the same range.

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He has various options if he decides, “Okay, I’ve made a lot of money in my career, now I want to play at a club I love or where I’ll get a fresh experience,” and he is willing to take half of his pay in exchange for doing so.

I believe most of his admirers have accepted the fact that he will be leaving in the summer for a long period of time. After failing to cash in on the opportunity last summer, the club should be forced to deal with the inevitable financial consequences, and I can’t say that knowing Pogba will not be in Erik ten Hag’s team next season will cause me any sleepless nights.

There are no specifics on the contract other than the allegation that it is significantly higher than any other club has given.

It’s clear that these latest stories suggest that Pogba may really stay at United and sign a new contract in the next weeks, but I don’t think that will happen.

Because of the money that Pogba will seek, he will have few choices outside of the Premier League unless he joins to another Premier League club. According to reports in Italy, Juventus does not have the funds to complete a transfer during the current transfer window.

Pogba has burned far too many bridges in his career. United should withdraw their offer as soon as possible.

Manchester United offer Paul Pogba most lucrative deal

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